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Group Health Insurance

We provide insurance to members of a formal group such as employees of a firm or members of an association. Group insurance is distinguished from individual insurance in which single policies are sold to one person at a time and from social insurance (e.g., unemployment insurance, social security), which is sponsored by the government.

Because every group is different, we take the time to find the right plan for your group. To find out more information, or just check out the rates for group health insurance, fill out our no obligation group health insurance quote form.

Florida health insurance does not have to be expensive. To keep premiums down, you need to have access to multiple quotes. We are one of the largest online health insurance agencies and represent most "A" rated health plans in the state. You get quotes from multiple companies with one phone call.

Guaranteed Health Insurance Plans for Florida and most other states. No medical declines. We even have full guaranteed issue major medical plans and there are no group size requirements. You can obtain group of one major medical plans any month of the year. You do not have to wait for August.

We can help you obtain affordable Florida group health insurance for groups of one or more employees. Self-employed is not a problem. There are no special open enrollment periods. Plans can start at any time of the year.

• Florida Group Health Insurance for Self-Employed Groups of One or Two
• Plans can start any time of the year
• Florida Small Group Health Insurance for Groups of 3+ (special low rates)
• Standard fixed premiems regardless of age or gender
• Full Major Medical and Health Savings Account (HSA) Plans
• Multi-State Coverage - Presently can cover your employees in 16 states

Call for details at (877) 693-5472 or (954)779-3366 in Broward