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Individual Health Insurance

Simply put, health insurance is protection against medical costs. A health insurance policy is a contract between an insurer and an individual or group, in which the insurer agrees to provide specified health insurance at an agreed-upon price (the premium). Depending on your policy, your premium may be payable either in a lump sum or in installments.

Health insurance usually provides either direct payment or reimbursement for expenses associated with illnesses and injuries. The cost and range of protection provided by your health insurance will depend on your insurance provider and the particular policy you purchase. If your employer does not offer a health insurance plan, you may wish to purchase health insurance on your own.

For an instant online health insurance quote for you or your family, please fill out our online form.

We offer individual health insurance plans that protect you and your family. We offer a variety of affordable health plans designed to fit your individual health insurance needs, including HSA-qualified plans

Health insurance has become a bare necessity of life when it comes to guarding your family against health hazards and the medical expenses associated with them. Although health insurance is little more costly than group coverage, Florida individual health insurance is a perfect solution for those who lack any other coverage. There are laws and regulations in Florida surrounding these individual health insurance policies that you should be aware of, in order to make a more informed decision.